Online shopping popular with Europeans

A new study has revealed that online shopping is very popular with Europeans, as 60 percent of them chose to shop online at some point last year.

According to, the statistics come from Eurostat and show that the most popular things to purchase online include clothing, sports goods and holiday accommodation; with a third of Europeans spending money on these. In comparison, only a fifth of Europeans carried out these transactions in 2008.

Book, magazines and e-reader materials also saw a rise in popularity from 19 per cent in 2008 to 23 per cent this year.

The largest share of online shoppers belonged to the UK, with 82 per cent of internet users making a purchase online last year. That figure was closely followed by Sweden and Denmark (both 79 per cent), Germany (77 per cent), Luxembourg (73 per cent) and Finland (72 per cent), reports

Online shopping has failed to take off in Romania however; which had the lowest share of internet shoppers at 11 percent. Other low performers were Bulgaria (17 per cent), Estonia (29 per cent) and Italy (also 29 per cent).

In addition, food shopping has also proven unpopular with the majority of users across Europe – only nine percent of users shop for their groceries online. This is a small rise from six percent in 2008 but the UK has the largest proportion of online food shoppers at 21 per cent.


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