Optimise the payment page to get more conversions, financial expert says

A financial expert says that a few important changes to an ecommerce site’s online payment process can help the customer feel their information is more secure and result in more conversions.

Writing for ventureburn.com, Llew Adamson says that how a website deals with payment page errors is very important. Essentially, if a customer accidentally enters incorrect card details, they need to know before the details get sent to be confirmed with their bank. If the customer receives an error too late and has to start all over again, it’s likely they will abandon the payment process – meaning the site loses out on a conversion.

He recommends doing some simple programming on payment pages to stop such incidents happening. For example, a customer shouldn’t be allowed to enter any special characters or letters in a field where only numeric characters are needed. This should mean customers are less likely to get their details wrong and therefore shouldn’t receive any errors when payment is being processed.

A separate article on multichannelmerchant.com says that in order to get customers to the payment page in the first place, ecommerce sites should think about what shipping options they offer. If a firm cannot afford to offer free shipping they should instead tie free or reduced shipping into other offers, the article recommends. For example companies can offer free shipping if customers spend a certain amount; which could potentially result in bigger profits.


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