Over two million now working in Chinese e-commerce

New statistics show that there are now 2.2 million people working in China’s e-commerce sector, according to globaltimes.cn.

The figures were revealed by the China Enterprise Evaluation Association and the China Gold & Silver Trade Center. The data also showed that the country’s e-commerce sector has created 16 million jobs in other industries.

These figures come after years of rapid growth within the Chinese e-commerce industry. The sector was worth 25.8 billion Yuan (£3.7 billion) back in 2006, however this increased to 780 billion Yuan (£80 billion) by 2011. It also dramatically rose last year to 8.1 trillion Yuan (£0.8 trillion), according to figures from the Ministry of Commerce.

Online retailers in China are expecting an even bigger boost to sales next week, for the country’s ‘Singles Day’, which takes place on November 11th. The hugely popular event sees singles buy and give gifts online to soften the blow of being on their own, according to people.com.cn.

During last year’s event, two of the country’s biggest online retailing platforms, Tmall and Taobao.com, took sales totalling 19 billion Yuan (£2 billion). This was three times the amount from the previous year.

Experts in the industry claim that as the boom continues, those in the industry need to make sure they educate consumers about how to make sure they are buying legitimate goods online. 


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