Petition calls for sales restrictions on ecommerce traders to be lifted

A petition calling for the lifting of restrictions that prevent online retailers from freely using the internet to sell their goods has been handed over to the European Commission (EC) for inspection, reports

“Choice in eCommerce” has been signed by over 14,000 online retailers from around Europe who argue that sales restrictions and prohibitions enforced by manufacturers and brand owners are hindering the progress of sellers around the continent.

According to, a separate survey found that 60 per cent of online sellers have been affected by sales restrictions, while three quarters of retailers put their concerns regarding the decrease of diversity in the ecommerce marketplace down to sales restrictions.

Two-thirds of the group said they were worried that large-scale retailers would use their ability to impose their own rules on selling to build huge monopolies, forcing their smaller counterparts out of the frame.

Three quarters of sellers said they were unsure why retailers would put these restrictions in place, but the EC will have the chance to change the ecommerce landscape after reviewing the appeal.

News of the petition being handed over comes in light of an EC investigation into restrictions enforced on online sales of consumer electronic products and small domestic appliances by several companies located with its Member States. 



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