Pinterest is an important marketing tool for e-commerce success

Pinterest can be really useful to those hoping to increase the number of people making an online payment through their website.

That’s according to Paul Chaney who shared his advice on e-commerce specialists with

Suggesting that the site has become one of the most popular social networks, he explained: “Pinterest… offers more marketing potential than other social networks. Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube, according to some reports.

“One in five Pinterest users purchase an item they have seen on the site – an average of about $80 per purchase – twice that of Facebook buyers,” the expert added.

However in order to make a presence on Pinterest a success, e-commerce retailers should follow a number of tips. These include making sure they have a business account, using an eye-catching profile picture and only posting high-quality images to the site.

Choosing the right name can be tricky too, as revealed. Author Ekaterina Walter recommends firms use their imagination and humour when creating a name, as these often go viral. She also said companies on Pinterest should analyse what their competitors are doing for inspiration.


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