Research finds Britons are ‘best bargain hunters’

Research from SumAll has found that when it comes to hunting for bargains online, Britons are leading the way – closely followed by Americans.

This may be because they’ve already realised which days yield the best bargains – which SumAll confirmed are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Sundays don’t offer great deals at all, the research concluded.

On average, Britons achieve discounts of 5.51 per cent on their purchases, whilst Americans managed 4.28 per cent and Europeans 3.34 per cent. Canadians aren’t doing too badly either though, bagging discounts of 2.83 per cent, whilst Australians are only managing to pick up 1.65 per cent discounts.

Some months yield more bargains than others too, with November coming out on top. January took second place, whilst May came in third, in contrast to March – which only offers average savings of 2.76 per cent.

SumAll analysed some 500 million online payment transactions to gather their results, as well as 3,000 worldwide companies.

The news may well scare Britain’s high streets even more, which are already struggling under the strain of the big discounts offered by online shopping. confirmed that high street sales for August are looking ‘flat’, with 31 per cent of retailers reporting a decline in business when compared to this time last year.


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