Small firms need to offer free shipping if they want to stay ahead

Small companies should offer free shipping to customers, according to

A post published on the site today (January 14) claimed that this is the only way that these firms can keep up with competitors.

The article read: “There are so many great deals available online now, and there are tons of websites offer free shipping or free upgrades to shipping. You need to follow suit as best you can or people are going to look elsewhere.”

A number of other tips for small businesses battling in the e-commerce world are also included in the post. These include making sure everything sent to customers is personal, as people now want information and communication that is relevant to them.

It was also recommended that mobile shouldn’t be ignored, due to the fact that 40 per cent of online shopping is now carried out from mobile devices. It was advised that those who don’t already have a mobile-friendly designed site should make sure that they get one straight away.

Another most published on this week agrees with the statement that mobile will be huge for e-commerce in 2014. It claims that the International Telecoms Union has predicted that there will be as many mobile subscriptions this year as there are people in the world, if not more.  


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