Study highlights ecommerce activity in run-up to Christmas

A new survey suggests that many shoppers will be heading into cyberspace to purchase gifts in the run-up to Christmas.

That’s the result of MarketLive’s 4th Annual ‘Mindset of a Multi-Channel Shopper’ survey, cited by It revealed customers in 2012 will spend about the same amount of money on ‘holiday gifts’ as last year, but a greater share of that spending will be online.

Figures from the survey show that 16 per cent of respondents will shop primarily from a tablet or smartphone but 29 per cent say they’ll research products via mobile before shopping in-store, according to

In addition, 45 per cent believe online/peer reviews of products are ‘very’ to ‘somewhat important’ to their shopping, while 50 per cent say finding personalised gifts is one of the reasons they shop online.

When it comes to choosing a merchant this season, 87 per cent said they would make an online payment if products or services were deemed to be ‘value’. Furthermore, 85 per cent also cited price as a major factor in their shopping habits.

Ken Burke, founder and chairman of MarketLive, commented on the figures: “Given what we now know about how people will shop this season, according to the shoppers themselves, retailers should be asking themselves: how can I better optimise my brand for m-commerce?

“How can I better garner consumer interest via social media? How can I improve my value proposition and execution?”


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