Study highlights importance of e-retail security

E-retailers must focus their efforts on data security if they’re to maintain the trust of customers, the results of a new study suggest.

After questioning 2,000 internet consumers as part of its eCustomerServiceIndex survey, eDigitalResearch found that half think online businesses should be doing more to keep their details safe.

The study’s results also show that 54 per cent of shoppers are more conscious of internet security than they were at the same time in 2013, reports.

According to eDigitalResearch’s commercial director, Derek Eccleston, all businesses trading online should put the spotlight on customer safety. He was quoted by as saying:  “It is clear from our latest set of results that security really has become a crucial factor in the online customer journey for consumers.

“Onus from consumers is very much on retailers to invest in and improve their security measures for their online customers.”

Of those questioned as part of the study, only 43 per cent said they change their passwords regularly (every three to six months). It was also found that 31 per cent don’t use different passwords for different accounts – something which often recommended by retailers.

The research comes after a spate of data breaches in the UK. Since April, a number of high-profile sites have been attacked by hackers, including eBay and Office.

Author: Graeme Parton



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