Ted Baker reports best online sales ever

Ted Baker has experienced its best ever year for online sales.

Ted Baker has experienced its best ever year for online sales.

The designer fashion brand made a 50 per cent improvement on online payment transactions from 2011 alone, with overall sales rising by 20.9 per cent over the eight-week Christmas period.

It is thought that part of the sales boost was down to the retailer expanding further into the UK. The overall boost for the company may also be due to a 13.9 per cent increase in floor space over the festive season.

Talking about the sales success, chief executive Ray Kelvin – who founded the company in 1988 – told nebusiness.co.uk: “The group has delivered a good result over the Christmas period. We were pleased by the performance in markets where the brand is established and continue to build brand awareness in our newer markets, where we are investing for the longer term.”

The news from the company comes amid reports that the entire online sales sector showed positive sales results over the Christmas period. According to yahoo.com, online retail sales rose by 30 per cent overall during this time.

It has led to other retailers who aren’t online to consider building a presence on the internet. This includes supermarket Morrisons, after it saw a sales drop of 2.5 per cent over the festive season.



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