More than a third of online retail shoppers buy using their mobile phone in the UK

Some 35 per cent of retail shoppers purchase items via their mobile phone, new research from xAd reveals.

Mobile is now playing an even bigger role in ecommerce purchases than ever before, as 46 per cent of Brits say their phone is the main tool they use to research products before they buy them. A further one in four states that it’s the only tool they use, reports

Price is still one of the biggest purchase factors for consumers, as three our of four Brits use their mobiles to compare prices and 39 per cent will buy the item if they’re happy with the cost, reports

Moreover, 70 per cent of insurance transactions take place online, as do 58 per cent of telecom purchases and 62 per cent of retail sales. Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics, which worked with xAd on the study, says mobile is now a key part of the purchasing process.

“Advertisers that capture mobile metrics can improve their understanding of how shoppers interact with mobile devices throughout the buying cycle and empower their ad programmes to reach consumers when they are most open to influence,” he states.

Around 56 per cent of mobile activity takes place at the start of the buying process and only 20 per cent have a clear idea of what they’re going to buy. Therefore, some 80 per cent of people are completely open to influence.


Author: Laura Varley


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