Three-quarters of UK shoppers use review sites before buying

A new survey has shown that the modern day shopper is a lot savvier, as three-quarters browse online reviews and price comparison websites before purchasing an item.

According to, the survey, conducted by Deloitte on behalf of eBay, showed that a third of Brits like to view an item in-store before buying it online – a practice knows as ‘showrooming’.

For big purchases, adequate research is definitely important to customers, as two-thirds look at a number of retail sources before spending over £100 on something.

The report also noted the rise of the ‘Super Shoppers’, which are the UK’s biggest spenders, as they account for 70 per cent of all retail spending in Britain. Only 18 per cent of the nation is made up of Super Shoppers and they spent £200 billion between them in 2013, reports

Furthermore, this group are twice as likely as standard shoppers to buy items on their mobile devices and to use services like click and collect, which allow them to buy an item online and pick it up later from the store.

Tanya Lawler, vice president of eBay UK, said she expects more retailers to implement services such as click and collect this year.

“Customers are in the driving seat and pushing retailers for ever higher standards of service and greater convenience,” she explained. “Customers fully expect your store and online channels to be joined up and can have little patience if they aren’t. For example, they want to collect in store or return via the store, even if they bought online.”


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