Two-thirds of Brits shop online regularly

A new survey has revealed that the majority of Brits shop online regularly, despite the fact many of them were sceptical of the internet when it first began to grow as a commercial platform.

According to, the research from E.ON revealed that when online shopping first entered the mainstream, almost half of Brits were sceptical of it. Nowadays, however, two thirds of all Brits regularly purchase items online instead of heading to the shops.

In fact, online shopping was voted as the best invention of the 21st century, with 29 per cent of Brits naming it as the best recent technological development. Coming in second place was online banking, which a huge 75 per cent of Brits now do, although 43 per cent were cautious about the concept when it first launched. Mobile internet devices also proved popular, grabbing 22 per cent of the vote.

Philippa Forrester, who used to present technology based TV show ‘Tomorrow’s World’, said that it’s common for tech developments to be treated with scepticism at first, but once they become widely used, people feel as if they couldn’t live without them.

“Online shopping and banking and on-the-go entertainment were all at one time considered ‘new’ technologies but are now very much part of our day to day lives,” she explained. “And although we may get nostalgic about the good old days, many of us appreciate the convenience and control technology can offer,” reports


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