Two thirds of new mothers prefer to do all their shopping online, often via smartphone

Research reveals that new mothers rely on their smartphone as a ‘do-everything device’, using it to shop online more than ever, reports.

Fifty-nine per cent of new mothers apparently can’t do without their smartphone for accessing the internet, according to a survey by infant information website, BabyCentre. As a result, 36 per cent of women buy a smartphone after becoming a mum.

The survey discovered that internet usage among new mothers increased significantly when compared with the rest of the population, rising by 45 per cent.

Sixty-two per cent of the new mums polled confessed that they liked to do all of their shopping via the internet now that their baby had arrived. It allowed them to shop without feeling guilty, stressed or rushed, respondents said.

The convenience of shopping online around the clock means that new mothers can still order the groceries or buy new baby sleeping suits at any time, without needing to leave the house. What’s more, with more sites implementing an online payment gateway and added fraud protection, new mothers have the assurance of added security when making their purchases on the net.

Additionally, writes, the majority of women’s shopping habits change once they have given birth. Sixty-eight per cent of respondents said their purchase criteria had changed regarding items like beauty products, clothing and cars.


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