UK named best country in the world for online retail

Britain has the world’s most developed online retail market, a new report has claimed.

Produced by real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield, the inaugural ‘Global Perspective on Retail’ report looked at 100 different countries to see how they were managing the growing internet retail trend, reports.

It produced a weighted index which took into account 13 different ranking factors, including technological infrastructure (such as online credit card processing), regulatory environment and the comparative size of the retail and online marketplaces.

Top of the class was the UK, which was deemed by Cushman & Wakefield to have the best online retail environment in the world. It ranked just above the US because of its superior online sales per capita rating, as well as the public’s happy adoption of new systems, tools and techniques.

Looking ahead, meanwhile, some emerging markets such as those in Asia look set to give the UK and US a run for their money, as m-commerce (from people shopping on their mobiles) sees a continued popularity increase.

Commenting on the results, global head of retail at Cushman & Wakefield, John Strachan, told “The internet has changed the global retail landscape beyond recognition and is now transforming and impacting significantly upon the way we work, play and shop.

“Retailers and owners who can adapt quickly to this new world will not only grow sales across all channels, but will continue to enhance the role of their ‘bricks and mortar’ alongside successful digital platforms.”


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