UK online retail better than “any other nation on the planet”

The UK’s online retail offering is the most advanced in the world, founder and chief executive of Superdry, Julian Dunkerton, has told

According to Dunkerton, UK e-retailers are given a much greater platform than their peers anywhere else on earth. In fact, he went on to claim that he doubted Superdry would have become the success it is today were it not for the UK’s online shopping marketplace.

If accurate, Dunkerton’s claims should provide a boon for UK marketers, after his company recently scrapped plans to sell discounted items on eBay after managing to sell more than initially expected at full price. It also chose against offering post-Christmas sales, which turned out to provide Superdry with a way of avoiding the pitfalls which impacted many of its competitors, including popular staples of the high street, such as Debenhams and Marks & Spencer.

All of this, it was claimed, could be put down to the unique benefits being offered within the UK.

Dunkerton told “We have undoubtedly become the international brand we are today because the UK is in a fortunate position that we are more advanced online than any other nation on the planet.

“That puts UK retailers in a great position to be ahead of international competitors.”


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