UK retailers improving their e-commerce delivery service overseas

Improving website functionality and introducing international delivery services are high on the agenda for many online retailers in the UK, according to new research. 

The third International eCommerce Delivery Report, sponsored by Royal Mail, examined 112 UK retailers and the services currently being offered. A panel of shoppers from 20 different countries across the world were invited to place online orders and report on their findings, notes. 

It was discovered that there are more delivery options for international customers than ever before, with 31 per cent of the UK retailers tested now offering both standard and express delivery outside of the UK, compared to just 18 per cent in 2012.

Overseas customers are now also presented with more delivery information for their specific countries, with 91 per cent saying that they found the information required. Only 37 per cent of UK retailers, however, provided the option to change currency on their websites, while only 15 per cent of customers were able to translate web pages into their own language, reports. 

Nick Landon, managing director at Royal Mail Parcels, said: “The improvements in this year’s report are very encouraging. The fact that 31 per cent of the retailers provide a choice of delivery options to overseas customers, while 34 per cent offer free delivery over a certain order threshold, shows that retailers have been focusing on delivering the same quality of service to international shoppers that UK customers can expect.”

Author: Jack Stanton 



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