US employees spend up to three hours shopping online at work

A new survey has revealed that the majority of workers in America intend to embark on some seasonal internet shopping while at work, reports.

The study, carried out by recruitment site CareerBuilder, discovered that 54 per cent of employees planned to use their employer’s network to carry out their ‘holiday shopping’ – and in work time.

A fifth of those polled said they were likely to spend between one and three hours browsing and making purchases, while a cheeky tenth of respondents admitted to spending over three hours on the activity.

Unsurprisingly, many workers said that they felt less productive during the month of December.

Never mind the lack of productivity, businesses are being warned that their networks could suffer and as such, some 51 per cent of employers have blocked access to certain e-commerce sites. A second related survey by recruitment consultancy, Robert Half found that just 16 per cent of companies provide unrestricted access to shopping websites, writes.

The recruiter recommends businesses make their internet policy clear and ask staff to limit their non-work internet use to before / after work or during their lunch breaks. Even better, it adds, allow people to take a day’s leave to get some shopping done outside the office.


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