Vast majority of online shopping done on computers

About 95 per cent of online shopping is done on computers, with just under four per cent of purchases carried out on tablets and smartphones.

These are the findings of a new survey by market research firm Lab42 reported by, which also revealed that 75 per cent of respondents do at least half of their shopping on the internet while two-thirds say they prefer to shop virtually than in a conventional shop.

For firms evaluating their online payment solutions, this type of study helps gauge the popularity of the digital shopping arena, as well as how people are navigating through it. The report also indicated that customer feedback is still important.

“Customer reviews remain crucial to the online shopping experience, with 81 per cent saying reviews influenced them to buy, and exactly the same amount saying reviews also could influence them not to buy,” noted business writer Courtney Rubin.

The information was also put into an infographic on the blog, with a contributor signed in as Sara highlighting a “surge” in the number of people who are ditching conventional shopping in favour of the web.

She said her favourite statistic from the study was that 45 per cent of the 500 respondents bought something on the internet that they would not have bought in person, although she did not offer details of what this type of item might be.


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