Website improvements could make huge difference to Christmas revenues

E-commerce companies could make millions of extra pounds by improving the functionality of their websites in time for the Christmas sales, a new UK survey has indicated. 

A poll conducted by Peer 1 Hosting has indicated that 70 per cent of consumers have abandoned a website because it was too difficult to use. Just 15 per cent of these said they completed the sale at the business’s offline store instead.

According to, the main annoyances named amongst the surveys sample group were poor navigation, slow websites and having to create an account to buy a product. Consumers were also put off by poor delivery times and poor product offerings.

In an interview with, Peer 1’s senior vice president of customer experience Dom Monkhouse said that it was crucial for e-commerce companies to design their website as efficiently as possible.

He said: “It is vital that retailers are ready to meet the needs of shoppers. Retailers that get this wrong online are losing customers who go to rival shops both online and offline.

“This Christmas will see a rise in consumer spending, on multiple devices. It’s paramount for brands to ensure that their ecommerce proposition is not driving shoppers into other retailers’ stores.”


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