Young adults play hard to get with ecommerce retailers

Young adults represent the hardest group to sell to when it comes to online retailing, research from Royal Mail has found.

More than half  (54 per cent) of those aged between 16-24 have a habit of abandoning their virtual shopping baskets before going ahead with a purchase, with over one in four (43 per cent) doing so after seeing a better deal elsewhere.

People aged 35 and over are half as likely to pull out of a purchase than young adults, while female shoppers appear to be more open to ditching their goods than men.

According to, women are 33 per cent more likely than men to leave their goods without passing through the online payment gateway, with 36 per cent of female shoppers frequently conducting this task.

That’s compared to 27 per cent of men – a gap Royal Mail attributes to a high proportion of women simply browsing products rather than going online with their eyes set on a particular item.

Cited by, Nick Landon, managing director of Royal Mail Parcels, said the study highlights just how important it is that online retailers know what their customers want to see.

“It is important that e-retailers understand the needs of different types of customers if they want to convert browsing into hard sales,” he said.


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