Onsite payments for Shopify, VTEX, Big Commerce and WIX stores available through Tilopay and First Atlantic Commerce

Costa Rica and Bermuda. February 15, 2024 – Tilopay, an ecommerce platform provider, along with First Atlantic Commerce (FAC), the premier Caribbean and Central American payment gateway, today announced the launch of native payments on Shopify, VTEX, Big Commerce and WIX.

In addition to offering onsite payments for the most popular ecommerce platforms globally, Tilopay is also integrated to dozens of main PMS platforms and booking engines.

The Costa Rica-based company opens the doors for merchants to the leading ecommerce platforms in the world with the advantage of obtaining account settlement and local currency payment transactions via FAC. Tilopay also provides a Smart Routing Tool, which optimizes the transaction route based on different factors to offer the highest possible approval rate without increasing chargeback risk.

FAC is a Bermuda-based, feature-rich payment gateway that delivers customized and flexible online credit and debit card processing to merchants across the Caribbean and Central America. The company also provides risk mitigation solutions including 3DS2 services, and Kount, a one stop fraud control system, to its merchants, banks and other gateways.

3DS2 authenticates cardholders in real-time during the online checkout process to reduce fraud, and ultimately chargebacks, without causing friction in the transaction process.  Kount’s award-winning ecommerce fraud prevention protects online merchants from credit card fraud, affiliate scams, chargeback fraud, account takeovers and more.  

“We are proud to work with businesses like Tilopay that are reshaping global ecommerce platform access for Central America and Caribbean companies, and prioritizing transaction approval rates. Tilopay is a valuable partner with shared values and vision. We are excited to take our collaboration to the next level,” said Chris Burns, CEO of FAC.

Tilopay CCO, Alejandro Pacheco, said: “In today’s fast-paced digital payment landscape, businesses require innovative payment solutions adaptable to consumer preferences. Together with FAC, we have a commitment to simplify online payments by allowing native and efficient checkout experiences on the world’s best ecommerce platforms. We want to empower Caribbean companies of all sizes to meet expectations of their consumers and increase sales with seamless transactions on their online initiatives.”

About First Atlantic Commerce

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) is a leading global, online payment solutions provider that specializes in the Caribbean.  FAC is headquartered in Bermuda and was established in 1998 to create secure card-based payment solutions for online businesses.  FAC provides merchants with multi-currency payment solutions, tokenization services and PCI validated Point to Point Encryption solutions.  As well, FAC provides merchants and banks with fraud management services including AVS-only, CVV, 3-D Secure™ and Kount’s fraud control system, in multiple jurisdictions across the Latin American Caribbean Region (Central America, the Caribbean and Bermuda), the US and Canada. 

About Tilopay

Tilopay facilitates online payments for businesses in Central America and the Caribbean.  Headquartered in Costa Rica, Tilo was established in 2019 with a mission to develop the ecommerce payment infrastructure required to fast-forward ecommerce adoption across the region.  Their flagship payment integration solution allows any merchant in the region to be able to use any of the leading global ecommerce platforms that have become standard across the globe.