Solutions You Can Tailor For Each Merchant In Your Programme

There are a number of ways that working with us can benefit Acquirers around the world.

Contact Us If You Are An Acquiring Bank That:

  • Has an established Acquiring programme that needs to be expanded with new types of services to meet merchant demands
  • Is new to merchant Acquiring and wants a full processing and end-to-end solution that helps to maximize revenues
  • Has merchants that need processing redundancy (but you want to retain the existing relationships and income streams)
  • Runs a domestic Acquiring programme and wants to expand this to provide international services
  • Is new to merchant Acquiring and wants an international payment gateway with the expertise and capabilities of selling and marketing your programme around the world
  • Is established in merchant Acquiring and needs to generate new revenues from attracting new clients to the programme

Whatever your reasons for approaching us, be assured that we have many years of experience offering online merchants a wide range of powerful solutions.

Key Features

  • 24 x 7 emergency merchant support (technical)
  • Simple and easy integration to our gateway – access to highly qualified team to hand-hold and guide your merchants through the process to go-live
  • Ongoing merchant support once live
  • Real-time, end-to-end, credit card processing
  • High levels of security and fraud detection services
  • PCI compliant gateway
  • Simple and easy to use web reports for a global view of transactions
  • Web reports to assist with managing merchant chargebacks
  • Your merchants have full control of all transactions – pre-authentication, capture, reversals, refunds – all automated and possible via our platform
  • One integration to access multiple payment processing options – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, 3-D Secure™, AVS, CVC, Kount fraud platform
  • Powerful, automated online fraud controls
  • 3-D Secure™ available for liability shift on qualifying reason codes (based on you registering your BINS in the programme)
  • Solutions for multiple industry types
  • Virtual Terminal, MO/TO, recurring and subscription billing
  • Recurring Payments
  • Batch Processing
  • Card Tokenization
  • Hosted Payment Page

Merchant Benefits:

  • Regional expansion through a single integration
  • Access to in-house knowledge of Card Association requirements
  • Integrated and standalone online fraud services – merchants can tailor a package that is just right for them
  • Competitive per transaction pricing

Acquirer Programme Benefits:

  • High levels of security and fraud detection services
  • Simple/ easy to use web reports for you to view all of your merchant transaction processing
  • Dedicated account manager and personalized business relationships
  • Standalone fraud solutions available (for your merchants even if they are using other payment gateway)
  • Product training and marketing support to assist with programme launch and expansion
  • Increased revenues
  • New merchants
  • Consulting services available to assist with KYC, due diligence, risk monitoring, marketing and sales and other key elements of a successful Acquiring programme
  • 24 x 7 emergency technical support
  • Marketing and PR support – press releases and solutions positioning

To find out more please contact us. Or simply apply online.