We offer a wide range of services including multi-currency credit card processing, alternative payments and online fraud management solutions, and the fees are based on merchant needs.

In general terms, merchants who require the ‘core’ payment services can expect to pay payment gateway fees, which include a one-time integration fee, per transaction fee/percentage of monthly volume and a low monthly minimum charge.

Our business development team will work with you to tailor a package and fees based on your specific requirements.

Each of the acquiring banks charges a % fee (known as the discount rate) of merchants’ monthly processing volumes. Some also charge per transaction fees. Chargeback fees are levied by all banks and range from 5 – 10% with funds held for 180 days to cover the ‘risk’ window – the timeframe in which a chargeback can be initiated.

Other standard fees, for example, a set-up fee, are bank dependent.

Are There Any Hidden Fees Or Surcharges?

No. All charges are outlined by the banks in their merchant contracts (which you sign directly with the bank) and the same goes for our fees, details of which are agreed in advance with you and detailed in our payment gateway contracts.

Bank fees are deducted directly from processing.

Our payment gateway fees are paid on receipt of invoices. Merchants have the choice of paying by bank transfer or credit card.

Banks take their fees direct from merchant processing each day and in line with established contractual procedures.

Our payment gateway fees should be paid monthly and on receipt of invoice.

We invoice merchants on a monthly basis, as per their signed contract terms, for the services outlined. Merchants are required to pay on receipt of invoice.


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