Our transaction (detail and summary) reconciliation and chargeback reports are web-based and available via secure login.

Our technical team will provide you with secure login details during integration, and training on how to use our web reports before you begin live processing.

We have a number of available reports:

  • Approved and declined transactions detail reports
  • Total transaction detail report for a defined period
  • List of month-by month sales reports
  • Summary of transactions report for a defined period
  • Search by authorization code report
  • Search by card number report
  • Daily chargeback reports (received from the banks) are uploaded to our web-based system for clients to review, track and action directly with the Acquirer

No. The reports we generate have the credit card numbers masked for security. Only the last 4 digits of the card will be shown.

The report will include the transactions within the date ranges you select. Information shown is the transaction type, date, time, order ID (as supplied by the merchant), transaction type, card type, amount, currency, response (approved or declined) and authorisation code (if approved).

Yes, you can select to run separate reports.

Our reports enable you to view your entire day’s settled transactions. You will receive NET settlement to your direct merchant account (the banks deduct their processing fees directly from settlement), and each of our Acquiring bank partners will work directly with you to provide the actual settlement information to assist with full reconciliation.

  • Chargeback reserve (normally 10% of gross monthly processing volume)
  • % of gross monthly processing volume (merchant discount rate)
  • Chargeback fees (rates vary and are bank dependent)
  • Transaction fees (bank dependent)
  • Wire fees

No. We receive chargeback files from the banks and upload these to web reports for each of our merchants to view and action accordingly. You would then work directly with the bank.

We recommend that you work chargebacks as a priority to ensure your thresholds remain below what is acceptable to the banks (1% and under).

We ask you to appoint one administrator to act as the lead in terms of accessing and running reports. We provide training to your administrator (and other appointed staff), ahead of your beginning live processing with us. We then provide the ability for the administrator to add 4 additional users to access the reports. If you need more, you can contact our technical team to request additional user logins.

Training on our web reports is very straight forward, and our technical team will organize a conference call, and live user training, with your appointed staff members.

Yes. You can access reports securely at any time you have access to the Internet and assuming our systems are running as normal.

There is no charge for running any report set by the parameters of our system. However, if you need a special exception report, which requires detailed information beyond the 12-month window, and we have to enlist a member of our technical or accounting team, to facilitate this, there may be a charge depending on how much work is involved.

Yes. Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and Rich Text Format.

To find out more please contact us. Or simply apply online.