Protect Your Online Transactions

We encourage all our online merchants to implement MasterCard® SecureCode™ so that they can protect their international sales from fraudulent transactions.

MasterCard Says:

The business case for electronic retailers to offer MasterCard® SecureCode™ protection to customers is compelling.

  • 60% of eCommerce chargebacks are “cardholder unauthorized” (the cardholder denies making the transaction). MasterCard® SecureCode™enables online retailers to reduce chargeback and fraud costs
  • 44% of consumers indicated having MasterCard® SecureCode™would increase their likelihood of buying more online
  • MasterCard® SecureCode™makes accepting cards from other countries easier and less risky – helping online retailers move into new markets
  • Retailers who are enabled with MasterCard® SecureCode™can be listed on the MasterCard Consumer Web site,, for free.

MasterCard® SecureCode™is initiated on a merchant’s web site and interacts with both the cardholder and their card issuer. When your customers check out, an in-line window appears asking them to enter a unique, personal code, that has been registered with their bank. The bank then authenticates the cardholde, and provides the Internet merchant with evidence of the online purchase.


Our cGate®SecureVerify is a fully compliant, Payer Authentication solution for MasterCard®SecureCode™(and Verified by Visa). Based on the Card Associations’ 3-D Secure™technology, cGate®SecureVerify provides merchants and bank Acquirers with protection from fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, and unauthorized payments made through an eCommerce web site.

Worry-Free Transaction Processing For Online Merchants:

  • Improving the security of online payment transactions
  • Increasing both cardholder and merchant confidence in Internet purchases
  • Reducing disputes and fraudulent activity related to MasterCard payment cards

Worldwide Benefits Of 3-D Secure™ Solutions:

Merchants, Processors, ISOs and Acquirers all benefit from the 3-D Secure™authentication services as the solution operates under a worldwide security and compliance standard. Cardholders worldwide enrol in MasterCard® SecureCode™ (and Verified by Visa), so that they can authenticate each and every online purchase they make.

Merchant Benefits:

  • Simple set up – no software to purchase, no merchant “plug-in” to install
  • Immediate access to MasterCard® SecureCode™once enrolled by the Acquirer
  • Protection from consumer fraud losses, unauthorized transactions and disputes
  • Chargeback liability shift for certain reason codes
  • Increased consumer confidence leading to increased sales
  • Age validation for restricted web sites
  • Increased card acceptance over other payment methods – increased sales!
  • Lower transaction costs – allowing for more competitive product pricing
  • Greater income potential from reduced transaction costs and chargeback penalty fees
  • MasterCard® SecureCode™programme benefits, marketing and support

Acquiring Bank Benefits:

  • Better and cheaper than chargeback insurance!”
  • Immediate reduction in interchange costs for 3-D Secure™authenticated eCommerce transactions – up to 50 basis points savings on 3-D Secure™transactions
  • Immediate reduction in credit risk, disputed transactions, chargebacks, exception handling expenses, and portfolio losses
  • Immediate reduction in back office costs and administration relating to retrieval requests, dispute handling, chargeback investigation and lengthy presentment cases
  • Fast and easy enrolment – no MPI software to purchase – installation and certification are completed on your behalf!
  • Reduced capital expenditure in relation to other fraud management and detection services/software
  • Guaranteed liability shift from acquirer to issuer for certain chargeback reason codes – check with your regional country representative for a list of valid chargeback liability shift conditions as these vary by region.

Processor And ISO Benefits:

  • Long term retention of 3-D Secure™compliant merchants with Acquiring bank(s)
  • Immediate reduction in disputed transactions, chargebacks, exception handling fees, and portfolio losses
  • Immediate reduction in penalty fees and fines associated with high risk merchant transactions
  • More negotiable discount rates for 3-D Secure™mauthenticated eCommerce transactions – immediate savings across the acquiring business portfolio
  • Fast and easy enrolment – no MPI software to purchase – installation and certification are completed on your behalf by our team!
  • “Pay as you Go” enrolment model – register one, some, or all, of your entire portfolio!
  • Processors and ISOs can decide which merchants to set up for 3-D Secure™
  • Guaranteed liability shift for certain important chargeback Reason Codes
  • A more competitive eCommerce service to attract net new merchant business
  • Overall improvement in merchant portfolio and profitability.


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