eCommerce Merchant Acquiring Solutions For Global Banks

We have more than 18 years of experience in supporting international merchants with integrated multi-currency payment processing, consumer authentication, as well as fraud and data management solutions.
We work with acquiring banks in leading jurisdictions in Europe, the Latin American Caribbean Region (LACR), including Panama, Bermuda and the Caribbean, as well as Mauritius, and possess specialist understanding of the intricacies of eCommerce merchant acquiring from both the bank and the merchant perspectives.

When Acquiring banks need sophisticated, reliable credit card acquiring programmes to expand their international business portfolios, they choose to work with us because they trust our professional judgement, unique insights, and specialist experience.

Why work with First Atlantic Commerce?

First Atlantic Commerce is an international award-winning organisation which provides a secure online payment gateway for organisations across the globe. Although our innovative merchant services have received recognition, you should especially consider working with us if:

  • You are entering merchant eCommerce solutions for the first time
  • You need additional gateway capacity to expand your existing eCommerce merchant acquiring programme
  • You want to upgrade your payment gateway services or move from an existing processor
  • You are looking to attract new merchants for acquiring services at your bank

Our experienced teams will work with your staff to help you establish the processes and procedures required to successfully manage all the facets of a complex credit card acquiring programme, including managing online transaction risk, establishing the right infrastructure, and card association relationships.

If you are a bank acquirer with an existing programme, and you wish to expand the value of your services, you can select one, or all, of the solutions outlined below to offer your merchants.
Our solutions are available to any acquiring bank for their merchants, in any jurisdiction, and are offered on an integrated and standalone basis.

Merchant acquiring solutions at First Atlantic Commerce

AVS/CVC Pre-Authentication Services

Address Verification Services (AVS) and Card ID Verification (CVC), including CVV2 for Visa, CVC2 for MasterCard, and CID for American Express, should be employed by your merchants as part of their order screening process.

AVS helps to screen fraudsters by cross examining their billing addresses while CVC ensures safe transactions by validating a credit card’s security code.

3-D Secure™ Solutions

With card-not-present (CNP) fraud increasingly becoming a problem, acquiring banks and merchants are looking for ways to prevent unauthorised transactions and minimise lost revenues. Fortunately, our 3-D Secure™ solution, cGate®SecureVerify, can help ensure this.

Available to any Acquiring bank (and their merchants), in any geographic location, as long as the bank Acquirer has signed the Enrolment Agreement with Visa and MasterCard for the services (If the Acquiring bank is not yet enrolled in the programme, we can work with the bank to get them enrolled), this service allows the bank’s merchants to submit their 3-D Secure™ transactions through FAC’s MPI as a 3-D Secure™ authentication without the bank having to license and configure their own MPI.

As a result, this carries a number of benefits, such as:

  • Lower interchange costs
  • Reduced risk of internet fraud
  • Chargeback liability shift on certain reason codes

Payment Gateway Services

Our unique host translation module has been designed by our teams to facilitate a speedy and seamless integration of our secure payment platforms into an acquiring bank’s processing platform.
Our powerful, scalable, payment gateway facilitates multi-currency processing, and a range of check out options for your merchants to offer on their web sites, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s, Discover, and CUP (bank dependent).

Our technology enables your merchants to pre-authorise, authorize only, capture, reverse, and refund transactions via our payment gateway real-time, or manually, using our Virtual Terminal solution. We also offer options such as recurring billing, custom hosted payment page and tokenization services.
We also provides you and your merchants with real-time web reporting, via a secure login, so you can view all transactions sent through our platform.

Risk Reporting

We offer acquiring banks a range of reporting services designed to help with establishing effective risk management practices. Based on Visa and MasterCard Best Business Practices for Internet Merchant Acquiring, we provide consulting on systems security, internal policies and controls, site data protection, and fraud tools.

Our risk reports (via a secure web login) provide acquiring banks the opportunity to review processing by their merchants, calculate chargeback levels, use this data to work with merchants to resolve issues, ensure volume caps are adhered to, and spot unusual activity and processing peaks which may need further investigation.

This risk reporting is available around the clock and is currently used by bank acquirers to process millions of transactions every year.

To find out more please contact us. Or simply apply online.