5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Creating Video Content for Your Caribbean Business 

The digital age has brought about a lot of changes for businesses. When it comes to online marketing, companies have more options than ever. And video content is becoming increasingly popular among users and companies. It is a great way to attract new customers to your business. If you haven’t started creating video content for your Caribbean business yet, here are five reasons you should start now. 

Video Content is Highly Engaging 

Video is among the most eye-catching content on the web. It’s estimated that, on average, a visitor spends 88 percent more time on websites with video content. Video is such an engaging medium, and you can use it to attract and engage your audience. 

Video Marketing is More Profitable 

It is a powerful marketing tool that offers many benefits over its alternatives. To gauge the effectiveness of video marketing, a survey was conducted. It showed video content received 1200 percent more shares than text and images combined. Oberlo states that 88 percent of marketers are utterly satisfied with the outcomes of their video marketing campaigns. This shows the profitability of video campaigns.  

A Great way to Build Trust 

It’s an ideal way to build trust because it creates the feeling of being in the same room with the person they are watching. The number of individuals watching digital videos in the United States reached 244.4 million in 2020. According to research, 59 percent of senior employees prefer watching videos over text for the same type of content.  

It can also help you establish your expertise, which is crucial in earning trust. Video content is also a great way to show and tell what your company or product does. 

Video Ads are Highly Effective 

Video ads are a great way to connect with the audience and grab their attention. They are also highly effective for getting your brand’s message across. 

Video adverts can promote different products or services, like clothing, food, cars, etc. They can also be used to promote a specific event or occasion, like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. 

The advent of technology has pushed video ads to become more interactive and engaging for the viewer. This is because the viewer can now engage with these video ads by clicking on them to find out more about the promoted product. 

When watching a video, viewers retain 95% of the message, compared to 10% when trying to read it in text. 

Video Content Increases Brand Awareness 

Video content is a powerful tool for marketing. It is one of the most watched types of content on the internet and has been proven to increase brand awareness. According to studies, 54% of customers want to view more video content from a brand or business they support. 

Video content is an excellent way to share your message with a broader audience in an engaging way. 


Video content is a great way to communicate your message to your customers. It’s also ideal for boosting the social media engagement of your business and can be used as a marketing or educational tool for your business in the Caribbean.