Brushing up on Cybersecurity

Open almost any business website, magazine, or media of any kind, and you’ll no doubt hear about some new cyberthreats. It’s enough to make you wonder if this is not the media crying wolf.

After all, how bad could the situation really be? And besides, who’d be interested in accessing your personal or business computer anyway?

The answer is that you’d be surprised. Today’s cybercriminals are quite an enterprising bunch. They’re working for that dream house and car just like you are. And they’re not fussy about who pays for it.

They don’t even have to leave home for their ill-gotten gains, and the only weapons that they need is a reasonably well-written virus. That can be delivered to you in many ways. Cybercriminals multi-task as well.

They might set up a site loaded with malware, or infect a seemingly innocuous one. They might email it through to you. They might even send it along with a well-crafted phishing email. There is any number of ways that your computer could be infected.

If you haven’t kept current on your security awareness training, you might not even recognize these tactics. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a great infographic. Consider it your cheat sheet for cybercrime and a great introduction to the latest tricks to fight hackers.

“Infographic’s URL: Awesome Cyber Security Facts by EveryCloud