How Caribbean Businesses Can Find New Business Opportunities

As many regional companies adjust to the reopening of the economy and ease on lockdowns, there is a search for new business opportunities.  After months of partial operation, many businesses are not sure how to move forward or find new avenues for advancement, however, there are a few practices that companies can do to assess their prospects.

1. Assessing Economic Opportunities

Companies must assess the market, the opportunities and the company itself in a similar manner to how they would have before operating.  This requires:

  • asking people with industry knowledge and experience about opportunities or their thoughts on your ideas for growth. Essentially, what you are looking for is critical feedback from someone who understands the market in its entirety or someone who is well versed in running a business.
  • An analysis of the risks and rewards of certain opportunities- this should be an in-detail examination of the obstacles that can occur and how you can overcome them, the potential benefits and how this opportunity will fit into your company’s long term strategy and goals.
  • Assessing how you can attain the capital needed for the opportunity.
  • Evaluating where your customers spend time, both on and offline, to see where you need to meet your consumer.

2.Assessing Opportunities in Technology

Many of the companies that have remained afloat during these turbulent times are the companies that have used technology and e-commerce.  Technology has become a huge factor in our lives and companies that use it often can adapt to market changes a lot faster.  Especially, as the region moves out of lockdowns, companies should assess technology opportunities that can help their productivity and overall growth opportunities.  For example:

  • Subscription services
  • Apps
  • Website & E-Commerce

Factors like these can greatly help a company find new ways to sell to their customers and above all, it helps the company to stay in tune with the ever-changing market and customer expectations.

3. Take it Slow

Many companies looking for new business opportunities tend to make knee jerk reactions.  Companies must take their time with these decisions.  Businesses should not make quick decisions that can pigeonhole them in the future.  Thus, careful consideration and a detailed assessment of an opportunity is a must.  Especially, evaluating how it fits within the company’s overall strategy and long-term goals.  In other words, do not rush the decision before verifying that it is the best move for the company in the long run.

This blog is based on a discussion with Stuart Franco of the TSL Group of Companies in his interview with FACLive.  You can watch the video here.

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