Is Black Friday a Thing in the Caribbean? Here’s How to Prepare! 

Black Friday is one of the year’s busiest shopping days, typically in North America. People line up outside stores in the parking lot at dawn or queued up in e-stores, ready to snap up deals. That’s the reason online shopping touched 8.9 billion dollars on Black Friday.  

If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to understand the online shopping trends in the Caribbean. Overall, world markets witness a boom in sales on Black Friday. Almost 88 million Americans shopped online on Black Friday 2021. But, if you’re operating in the Caribbean, ensure you consider the market trends and plan accordingly. Let’s delve into the discussion;  

Black Friday: How to Prepare 

In recent years, Black Friday has started to catch on in other parts of the world, including the Caribbean. If you’re a Caribbean retailer, you need to be prepared for this event. 

Like other regions, shoppers in the Caribbean expect to see some of the most popular deals on Black Friday, including reduced prices on home appliances, electronics, and clothes.  

Here are some guidelines on how to get ready for Black Friday in the Caribbean: 

Fill up your Inventory 

Make sure you’ve enough stock to meet shoppers’ demand on Black Friday, as keeping up with the demand can be challenging if you do not have enough stock. It’d be best if you first started with research for your inventory. Head over to Google trends and see what people searched most in your product/service category.  

For instance, in 2021, Nintendo Switches were the hot-selling product in the gaming category on Black Friday. According to Statista, this single product was searched by more than 1.22 million people during the measured period of Black Friday.  

Make your Online Shops Welcome the Customers 

Make sure your website is ready for an influx of traffic and that your checkout process is smooth and easy. Slow or irresponsive websites turn away visitors. In addition, add black Friday-themed banners and labels on your social media handles and website to boost customer engagement.  

Craft Plans to Offer Deals 

Decide what deals you will provide and ensure they’re attractive enough to attract shoppers. Your offers should stand out from others to make you look unique. Discounts are actually a gateway to boost sales, and higher sales replicate more profits.  

On top of that, discount deals are the fastest and most reliable way of brand building. According to a study by Economists, businesses recorded 73% more sales when they offered the same product in a bonus pack.  

Introduce the Element of Surprise 

We all love surprises. These are one of the most effective marketing tools to rule the industry. For instance, you can send an email to your loyal customers with the subject line, “Black Friday: Grab this Exclusive Gift Code before Time Runs Out.” 

This will invoke curiosity in your customers’ minds, pushing them to open your email.  


Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to boost your sales and reach new customers in the Caribbean. With proper preparation, you can make the most of this event and drive traffic to your business. 

Remember to plan, too. If you’re out of inventory, stock up on any essential items you need before Black Friday sales begin. And if you want to stay away from fraud, you can select First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) for all your secure and robust Internet payment solutions.