LiveChat vs Chatbot: Which is best?

One of the greatest benefits of having a website is the flexibility and ability to be open 24/7.  Being open around the clock, however, means that a company’s customer service also has to be open 24/7, especially if they are also catering to international customers in different time zones.  Due to this, there has been a rise in the popularity of chatbots across websites and even on social media.

As businesses go online in the Caribbean they must prioritize their customer service online and part of that is figuring out if chatbots or a live chat work for their business and customers.

Let’s explore this more.

Is LiveChat vs Chatbot: Which is better for your business? 


Chatbots are automated sales and customer support bots online.  They are programmed to receive and answer specific questions on a website or social media.

  • Can operate 24/7
  • Scalable
  • Applicable to websites, apps and social media messenger services
  • Ability to respond instantly
  • Can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of customers
  • Only handles simple queries that it is programmed to answer
  • Is not personalized to the customer
  • In some cases, it requires monitoring to ensure it is accurately meeting customer needs


Live chat is when a company hires someone or has an employee whose job includes the responsibility o replying to customers online and on social media.

  • Can answer complex and specific questions from customers
  • Can bring a more personalized experience and conversation to customers online.
  • Direct/real-time support
  • According to IBM, 70% of consumers prefer live chat.
  • Only available during working hours.
  • More costly than a chatbot
  • Not as immediate as a chatbot

Is LiveChat or a Chatbot right for my business?

A business has to think about its audience and what would best fit their needs.  It is also related to the company’s brand identity.  For example, a live chat suits businesses that use a personalized approach to their customer relations. In comparison, larger companies that deal with a greater volume of messages per day would benefit more from a chatbot.

Many companies also opt for both, they let the chatbot manage simple queries or after work hours messages and have a live chat available during working hours.    It’s best to analyse your most frequently asked questions and answers as this can help you decipher which will be the most effective method for your business.


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