Merchants Must Heed Requests From Credit Card Associations

First Atlantic Commerce, a multi-field payment processing company, works with merchants who have real-time and recurring payment processing needs. We find that often, a merchant will reach out to us after they have built their website and are looking for a way to accept payments. This is of course, fine and we will be happy to help. But we encourage merchants to check in with us prior to developing the website.

Payments should not be an after-thought as they are such an integral part of the process.Some shopping cart or e-commerce platforms may not agree to integrate with your gateway and you would want to know this before expending time and energy on building your website. We also encourage merchants to read over the points below so you can be sure your website complies with the Credit Card Associations.

• The Fine Print: Transaction currency, export restrictions, delivery policy, customer service contact, security capabilities and a complete list of terms and conditions must be featured on the websites of merchants who hope to accept credit cards. Additional declarations that need to be made on websites include consumer data privacy policies, how payment card data details are transmitted and the return/refund policy. You will also need to add the credit card logos to your payment page and if supporting 3DSecure, you must include the Visa Secure and MasterCard ID Check logos.  First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) asks merchants to place the “Powered by FAC” logo on the payment page.

• Recurring Payments: Consumers want to know when their credit or debit cards will be charged if it’s going to happen on a regular basis. Merchants making these charges must inform the cardholder about payment totals, if it’s fixed or varying, scheduling, method of correspondence and documenting the agreement between parties. Over time, cardholders will need to be notified if there’s been a gap between payments, if a trial period has ended and/or if any changes to the recurring payment has changed.

• Receipt Requirements: Keeping an accurate paper trail is part of the deal when merchants work to comply with credit card associations. Among the expectations are creation of a unique identification number, concealing the cardholder account number, advising the cardholder to print the receipt for their records and a half-dozen other transaction details such as date, currency, authorization code and more.