Why In-App Payments Should Be on Your Roadmap for 2023

In-app payments are the backbone of ecommerce. This means that if you’re building a new app, or looking to update your existing one, integrating payment options should be included in your roadmap for 2023. In-app payments make checkout simple, cater to the mobile user experience and increase conversion rates by reducing cart abandonment. 

Payments are the backbone of ecommerce. 

You can’t have ecommerce without payments. According to, there were 1.21 million internet users in Trinidad & Tobago when 2023 started. Additionally, in January 2023, there were 1 million social media users in Trinidad and Tobago, equating to 65.5% of the entire population. Furthermore, in early 2023, there were 1.93 million active mobile phone connections on cellular networks in Trinidad and Tobago, which is 125.8% of the country’s population. From this data, it can be deduced that it may be in business owners’ best interest to develop mobile apps for their Trinbagonian customers to access their products and services, and for them to be able to make in-app payments. 

In-app payments are a necessity, not a luxury. In fact, they’re secure, transparent and efficient. 

In-app payments make checkout simple. 

Just like online shopping, users can complete their purchase without having to enter any personal information or credit card details at all. That’s because the payment processor already has that information on file from your customers’ previous purchases and has validated their identity in accordance with PCI standards. 

No need for them to enter shipping details either: They can choose “same as billing” or select a different address if they prefer (say, if they’re purchasing something as a gift).  

In-app payments cater to the mobile user experience. 

Mobile users are accustomed to paying with their phones, and the technology has evolved to make it easier than ever for them to do so.  

Payment methods can be tailored to fit your user’s needs. 

In-app payments are a powerful tool that can help you to better serve your users. If you’re looking to improve the payment experience in your app, then it’s important to understand both the benefits and limitations of in-app payments. 

In addition, if you want to take advantage of these benefits but don’t have the resources or time needed for development and maintenance, we can help! First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) is a leading provider of secure and robust Internet payment solutions, offering a range of services that includes multi-currency, real-time credit card and debit card processing as well as online consumer authentication and other fraud management services. 

Our powerful and secure payment platforms enable businesses across many industries and geographies to implement multi-currency solutions on their web sites so that customers can select their preferred currencies in which to pay. We can facilitate merchant account solutions via direct relationships between our clients and established acquiring banks in the Caribbean and Central America. 


The future of in-app payments is bright, and we’re excited to see what the next five years hold. With more users than ever and increasing adoption rates among retailers, there’s no doubt that this technology will continue to flourish as it becomes an integral part of the mobile experience in the Caribbean. 

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