British retailer John Lewis’ online sales rise by almost a fifth over Xmas period

British retailer John Lewis enjoyed strong growth in online sales over the festive period, with takings from its website increasing by 19 per cent during the five weeks to December 27.

Online sales accounted for more than a third (36 per cent) of John Lewis’s total transactions. The retailer’s click and collect service has helped drive sales, it seems, as more than half (56 per cent) of all orders were made with this delivery option. Although counter sales declined by around one per cent, online purchases pushed John Lewis’ growth upwards by 4.8 per cent, reports In total, the retailer achieved £777 million worth of sales in just five weeks.

Managing director Andy Street believes that the physical store has a big role to play in terms of boosting online sales. He says the stores allow customers to look at the products in person before purchasing them online. They can also be used as pick-up locations for customers who prefer to use click and collect services rather than have their purchases delivered to their door.

John Lewis wasn’t the only British retailer that enjoyed strong sales over the Christmas period, with Next also reporting that online transactions drove takings upwards, reports

Many retailers already feel optimistic about 2015, as higher employment rates and rising incomes are likely to help increase sales.

Author: Laura Varley