Ecommerce driving huge time and fuel savings

Millions of pounds and hours are being saved as the vast majority of British consumers now shop online.

A new report from retail analyst Conlumino shows that, thanks to the ubiquity of ecommerce, consumers are now able to travel almost 200 million fewer miles than they had to previously over the course of a typical week. The removal of those unnecessary shopping trips is saving UK consumers a whopping £32 million in fuel costs, reports.

Rather than having to waste time browsing the aisles in ‘real world’ outlets, consumers are now able to spend just four hours a week shopping online – 25 per cent less than time than before. Easy access to discounts and free delivery options are surely increasing the amount of money saved even further, not to mention the efficient and eco-friendly qualities of ecommerce, notes.

Guy Chiswick, managing director for Webloyalty Northern Europe, said: “With consumers more attracted than ever to the convenience of online shopping, retailers need to ensure that they have an attractive and convenient presence online to improve revenue.

“The fact that the value of connected devices has doubled in the last decade is a testament to this, and it will only continue to rise with the improvement of technology in the future. Retailers need to be prepared to provide powerful apps and tools to aid the future consumer.”

Author: Jack Stanton