First Atlantic Commerce CEO participates in workshop on e-commerce development in Switzerland

2 day session aims to produce action plan for new Aid for eTrade Initiative

Hamilton, Bermuda. February 16, 2016 — First Atlantic Commerce CEO, Chris Burns, participates in workshop, “Unlocking the Potential for E-Commerce in Developing Countries: Towards an Action Plan for an Aid for eTrade Initiative” on February 16-17, 2016 at Château de Bossey in Bogis-Bossey (close to Geneva), Switzerland.

Around 35 participants representing different stakeholders from all parts of the world including Government officials, representatives of the private sector, and senior staff from international organizations have come together with the specific aim of producing a first draft action plan for a new Aid for eTrade Initiative.

All participants are encouraged to share experiences and discuss obstacles and opportunities for e-commerce development, and consider concrete proposals to stimulate and facilitate e-commerce in developing countries.

The results of the discussions in these breakout sessions will be the basis for preparing the draft action plan.  Sessions include:

1)      E-commerce strategies and readiness assessments

2)      ICT infrastructure and services

3)      Trade logistics and trade facilitation

4)      Payment solutions

5)      Legal and regulatory frameworks

6)      E-commerce skills development

About First Atlantic Commerce

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