Accept Online Payments for Increased Revenue

  • Increase your revenue with credit card merchant accounts
  • Benefit from 20+ years of international expertise
  • Automated Risk Management
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Our robust payment processing platform is a feature-rich payment system called cGate®. Ideal for merchants with medium to high capacity transaction processing, cGate® is a high-speed and secure, platform-independent Internet payment gateway.

Integrating to our secure gateway enables businesses to offer their customers a range of multi-currency checkout options on their web sites including Visa, MasterCard®, American Express, Diner’s, Discover, Keycard (bank dependent).

Merchants are able to pre-authorize, authorize only, capture, reverse and refund card transactions via our payment gateway.

Tailored Multi-Currency Internet Payments

We began developing powerful and secure online payment processing solutions long before the Internet drove business. Today, with 20+ years of international expertise, creating world class solutions that maximize sales and minimize online fraud is what we do best.

The range of services below can be combined and integrated into a powerful, seamless, end-to-end, online solution through a single integration to our secure payment platforms.

Standalone & Integrated Real-Time Solutions

Should a merchant require assistance with consumer authentication or need help with online fraud management, our services can be combined or delivered as standalone solutions that run alongside already established payment processing services.

International Merchant Accounts

All international merchant account solutions allow for direct relationships between our clients and acquiring banks with secure, real-time credit card processing through our payment gateway. We work with merchant account providers across the Latin American Caribbean Region including in the Caribbean, Central America and Bermuda, as well as in the US and Canada.

Virtual Terminal – MO/TO

Our Virtual Terminal Solution is ideal for merchants who need to manage mail, email or telephone orders. Merchants connect to our payment platforms manually, via a secure web browser, from any Internet enabled computer.

Merchants are then able to capture sales, initiate refunds and reversals, and view transaction history securely via their unique login.

Pre-Authentication Services

Our Address Verification Services (AVS) and Card ID Verification (CVC) services, including CVV2 for Visa, CVC2 for MasterCard® and CID for American Express, are available for online merchants to apply as part of their order screening process.

Payer Authentication Services

Our cGate®SecureVerify is a fully compliant payer authentication solution for Verified by Visa and MasterCard®SecureCode™ designed to protect international online merchants around the world from fraudulent transactions.

Based on the Card Associations’ 3-D Secure™ technology, cGate®SecureVerify gives Internet merchants an additional layer of verification for all online sales.

Real-Time Transactions

Our cGate® suite of products enable secure, online, real-time credit card transaction reporting and reconciliation from anywhere on the Internet. Merchants are provided with a secure browser-based interface for accessing their reports and other administrative functions related to reporting and reconciliation.

Available Currencies

Latin America & the Caribbean

We can offer up to 145 currencies for presentment with settlement to US dollars and the currency of the jurisdiction.

Acceptable Merchant Types

We provide tailored, multi-currency, direct merchant account solutions via a network of Acquiring banks for the merchants listed below. We will also consider approaches from most merchant types for our standalone online fraud management solutions.

We DO NOT process for adult or illegal transaction activities including controlled pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs or firearms.

Merchant Account Solutions:

  • Gaming companies
  • Stored value & pre-paid card online funding solutions
  • VoIP/telecom & pre-paid phone card providers
  • IATA and ABTA travel related services
  • Direct online hotel and car reservation sites
  • Companies selling licensed hardware and software products
  • Digital content providers
  • Online niche food stores
  • Online retailers
  • Property listing & advertising companies
  • Marketing, corporate service providers and tax consultancies
  • Publishing companies
  • Online education
  • Health/herbal supplement providers
  • Gyms and health facilities requiring subscription and repeat billing services
  • CDs, DVDs & electronic games companies
  • Global charities with an online presence
  • ISPs and web hosting providers
  • Mainstream dating companies
  • Established point-of-sale (POS) companies entering the online credit card payment space
  • Governments
  • Ticketing & event management companies
  • Airlines
  • Licensed Forex &Trading Companies

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