Modern Marketing in Trinidad and Tobago

Modern marketing has completely revolutionized the way companies see and approach the consumer.  Marketing in the digital world has put the customer at the centre.  Companies now have to work to make the customer experience not only enticing but relevant and personalized.

Yet many businesses in Trinidad and Tobago don’t always include the fundamental elements of a modern marketing strategy into their digital strategy.

Here are 3 core elements of a modern marketing strategy:

1. How well do you know your customer?

If your customer and their needs are at the centre of your marketing then it is important that businesses fully understand their customer and their experience with the company.  The most effective way of understanding your customer is through customer journey mapping.  This gives businesses a 360 degree look at their customers, their experience with the business and most importantly, what areas need to be improved.

Many regional businesses find that their customers and the general market engage online with foreign companies at a high velocity.  Meaning they are already familiar with the convenience and personalized experience of modern marketing with foreign brands.   Thus, customer journey mapping helps local companies to have a dynamic understanding of their target market and customers and what is the best approach to meet their needs online.

2. Being Digitally Present

Being digitally present encapsulates everything from social media presence, e-commerce options and even digital invoices and customer service.  Businesses have to think about how digitizing certain areas of the business would better serve both their company and customers.  Especially, if the company can’t afford to digitize everything all at once.  It is good to prioritize what should be digitized first.

If you need to learn more about e-commerce solutions available to your Trinidad and Tobago business, read more about the banks we work with and their e-commerce solutions here.

3. Focus on Your Insights

One of the many benefits of e-commerce and social media is the insights that it can give you about your consumer and their digital behaviour.  This information gives incredibly valuable data that can help companies create a more holistic approach to converting their customers to make a purchase.  Especially in areas such as content creation for social media and a general marketing strategy, in relation to relevancy to the consumer, personalization and geo-relevancy.  Analytics from Google and Facebook Pixel are typically the best to gather the most relevant information.

Modern marketing allows businesses to really understand their consumers and most importantly meet them where they are at.   Following these fundamental tips especially in the early stages of marketing can pay off,

This blog is based on a discussion with Giuliana Figueiredo from Microsoft Caribbean in our FAC Live series.  You can watch the show here. 

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